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About us

Whatever the client´s vision might be, we find a way to realize it. The phrase “it is not possible” is not in our dictionary but we certainly do not try to defeat the nature. We pay attention to the construction and artistic aspects of the raw material because we do understand the stone and respect its naturalness.

Our services include:

  • extraction for a specific order
  • proposals of technical realizations
  • production at the mine site in Italy
  • transportation to the place of destination
  • supervision anywhere in the world

The material intended for a specific piece is under our supervision from the very beginning, and the client can be a part of this process if he wants to. We do not buy semifinished product from the dealers. Because we are processing massive blocks, we can guarantee repeated delivery of identical materials, or its extension, even in several years.

Currently, marble inspires often unreasonable “economic awe”. Our price is comparable with many prefabricated substitutes. Marble as a natural material gives a completely different impression than artificial imitations and its properties and appearance are incomparable. That is why marble is an ideal solution for investors who seek real quality and not only short term, showy imitation.